A part ça ...

Dahlia parme




Crédit photo : CMLDigitalDe - Chris

"Covered with light and water"


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CMLDigitalDetails 06/07/2013 16:01

Hello, this is a beautiful Dahlia not a Chrysanthemum. I know this because I am the creator of the image. I posted the image I call "Covered with Light and Water" on 500px allowing those who like
it to pinterest it. However, I do not appreciate having my image cropped to intentional remove my website logo. I have no idea if you did this or you found the image that way. I would appreciate it
if you would either re-post the image the way it is meant to be or add my website link to your blog for reference. As an artist I am sure you can understand. You can find my image here
Thank you, Chris

Gaëlle 07/07/2013 08:50

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your message. I apologize for the missing of reference to your website. I did really like your image but unfortunately forgot to note the origin of it and can't find it again when I
made my post. I am totally responsible for that mistake and I am so sorry for that. Now, I add the link to your website on my post.

Isa tout simplement ... 27/12/2012 12:04

Le chrysanthème a souvent une connotation négative pour beaucoup de personnes et pourtant je trouve que c'est une très belle fleur !

Gaëlle 28/12/2012 15:21

J'aime tout particulièrement les couleurs des chrystanthèmes.